Art Director From Chicago

About Me



I like my pancakes stacked high, and my tea iced. I’m an art nerd who loves to be challenged by new ways to create and I have a knack for problem solving in the most whimsical ways possible. 

I’m a tough cub that’s been thrown into many wolf pits, and was designated lead art director on the agency’s biggest account. I’ve worked on various amounts of projects including full-scale campaigns and new branding with large scale accounts and logos, websites and social media for small to mid-size accounts.

I'm a learner, a tinkerer, a creator and a OCDer.  I would love to work with you food and beyond.


  • Overview: Lead art director on various large scale brands, including the agency’s biggest account. I take ownership and have a lot of hands-on experience within the agency. I thrive in a collaborative environment. My designs, branding and strategic ideas are constantly pushed through process and I see them through from start to finish.

  • Current Clients (Lead): Smithfield Culinary and 10 of their sub brands with some exposure to retail side, The Broaster Company, Columbus Oils and their retail brand Nature’s Secret, Rosina and Franke Coffee Systems.

  • Client History: Archer Daniels Midland, Blue Prairie, Caputo Cheese, Cargill, Red Diamond Coffee and Tea, Sani Professional, Wayne Farms and VeroBlue Farms.

  • Production: Print, trade show booths and event signage, food truck design, digital; mobile app design, animating banner ads, filmstrips, social media, web design, retouching, mockups, presentation/deck design, photography, video cutting, icon design and infographics, rookie illustration, newbie animation.

  • Programs: MacOS; Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, XD, Lightroom, After Effects, Bridge and Acrobat, Sketch, Google Web Designer, iMovie, Powerpoint, Squarespace.